The McClure family comes forward to join class-action against KU

By June 10, 2016 September 24th, 2019 No Comments

Sarah McClure, who filed a Title IX lawsuit against KU as Jane Doe 7, released her name yesterday as she joined her father in a class action against KU for its representations about the safety of its dorms.

James McClure and Sarah McClure filed a motion, along with Daisy Tackett, another former KU student who has sued KU for Title IX violations, filed a motion yesterday in Douglas County District Court asking to be joined in the lawsuit.  The class lawsuit currently has named Daisy Tackett’s parents as the class representatives.

A copy of Sarah McClure’s original lawsuit, filed under the name Jane Doe 7, is available here: .1 – Petition 4.18.16

A copy of the original class action against KU is available here: 1 – Petition 3.11.16

A copy of the motion to add Sarah McClure, James McClure and Daisy Tackett to the class action is available here:6.9.16 Motion

A copy of Sarah McClure’s video statement is available here: IMG_4530

A copy of Daisy Tackett’s lawsuit against KU asserting Title IX violations is available here: 3.21.16 File Stamped Petition