Brown & Curry file Title IX suit against KU on behalf of Daisy Tackett

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On March 21, 2016, former KU student athlete Daisy Tackett filed suit against the University of Kansas in Douglas County, Kan., for violations of Title IX.

Ms. Tackett asserts that KU created a hostile educational environment when it chose to house KU football players in the Jayhakwer Towers, despite knowledge of a high rate of sexual assaults, making the KU football player’s attack on her in the Fall of 2014 foreseeable.

Approximately a year after her attack, after she learned of another reported assault involving the same KU football player, Ms. Tackett reported her assault to KU and to members of the KU athletics program in order to protect other students.

Ms. Tackett’s lawsuit asserts that KU had reason to know she might be retaliated against, but that it failed to protect her from retaliation by the KU football player on campus. KU, for instance, could have suspended him immediately following the two reported assaults.

Ms. Tackett no longer felt safe on campus. She experienced panic attacks, fear and terror as she tried to go to cooperate in KU’s investigation, go to class and participate in KU’s rowing team. KU’s rowing team coaches did not accommodate her and prevented her from participating in team activities.

Ms. Tackett withdrew from KU after this semester after attending approximately a week of classes. KU sent her a demand to return her rowing teams clothing, placed holds on her transcripts, and refusing to immediately refund housing and tuition payments.

Ms. Tackett’s suit seeks an award of actual damages, attorneys fees, return of her tuition and board and removal of the administrative holds KU placed on her transcripts.

Ms. Tackett currently resides in St. John’s, Florida, with her parents.

Daisy Tackett is represented by Dan Curry and Sarah Brown of Brown & Curry, LLC, in Kansas City, Mo.

Earlier this month, Daisy Tackett’s parents, James and Amanda Tackett, filed a lawsuit against KU under the Kansas Consumer Protection Act that requests equitable relief and an injunction against KU regarding the way the University markets its services.

James and Amanda Tackett are represented by Brown and Curry, LLC, and Tony LaCroix of the LaCroix Law Firm.

A copy of the court-filed petition can be found here: 3.21.16 File Stamped Petition

For more information, contact: Sarah Brown or Dan Curry (816) 756-5458.